Robin turned 96 this year. A lifelong resident of Lower Merion, Robin is a child of the Great Depression that was unable to afford a college education.  Instead, after high school, she worked as a secretary at an investment bank in Center City, where she learned a few things about the trade while administering the plans of the men in charge. Quietly, over time, Robin conceived and honed her own investment strategy, ultimately building a portfolio that paid for her Narberth home in cash and continues to easily pay the bills by way of quarterly dividends. “None of that technology mumbo jumbo; real things made by real people — invest in that!”

Robin shares stories of her childhood vacations on a Wyoming ranch, her brother returning home from WW2 in 1945 after his B-24 bomber was shot down over Germany, and all the interesting concepts and life philosophies she learned as a librarian at Haverford College. This month, Robin was thrilled to return to one of her favorite “downtown” restaurants, The Greeks, and enjoy a pork sandwich and a glass of wine. For three years, Brian has been part of a team of friends that works together to ensure that Robin may spend the rest of her life in the home and community that she loves so much.

The bonds and friendships that our volunteers form with their elder friends are real, they are important, and they mean so much to both parties. The time commitment is minimal, the benefits profound.

We’re so grateful for our amazing volunteers like Brian who invest in the lives of our neighbors like Robin.

Give us a call and give ElderNet a try; we think you will be glad that you did!

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