Care Management

Care Management Program

Our care coordinators walk alongside our community members and their families as they navigate their changing lifestyles. Our care coordinators provide person centered in-home and community-based services that connect our neighbors with the supports they need to remain in their homes. These supports include conducting detailed assessments to get to know each individual, providing referrals for public benefits they qualify for, supporting our neighbors throughout the application processes, and offering emotional support through difficulties. As a result, our community members have improved access to healthcare, promote financial stability, and increase the food security of all community members in need of assistance.

ElderNet also works with our community partners and other community organizations to provide a safety net of support to our neighbors and remains on call with Lower Merion Police Department and Narberth Borough Police Department, should they have contact with a community member in crisis who could benefit from our services.

To learn more about our Care Management program or inquire about services for you or a loved one, please visit the contact us page on our website or call us at (610) 525-0706.

Are you or a loved one 60 years of age or older and need assistance with self-care?

If so, ElderNet’s Senior Intensive Support Program may be able to help!

Our Senior Intensive Support Program can help by:

  • Supporting older adults to remain in their own homes and to live independently in the community
  • Increasing socialization
  • Protecting the safety and well-being of older adults
  • Medication and prescription compliance
  • Assisting older persons in obtaining food and/or accessing the grocery store
  • Providing support in environmental management
  • Coordinating transportation, as needed
  • Teaching Intensive Adult Daily Lifeskills
  • Supporting older adults in money management
  • Making referrals for other services, as needed
  • Assisting older adults throughout the application process for public benefits

All Services are Free and Funded By:

Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Service

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