Diane and Michael Corson have spent their lives volunteering in any new community they move to. They have found that giving to others is not only a gift for those who they are helping, but giving back is a gift for themselves. Being able to see the impact of their compassion is such a rewarding experience. 

Four years ago, the Corsons moved to Bryn Mawr. As they were taking their first walk around the neighborhood, they passed ElderNet, and immediately knew that this would become their next volunteer experience. 

“It brightened our day to think our next volunteer opportunity was just blocks away.”  

Diane and Michael both grew up with strong examples of the importance of giving back. No matter where they lived throughout their lives, they found wonderful organizations and opportunities to volunteer with. They have done work with Big Brothers Big Sisters, to volunteering at homeless shelters. 

“They have all been such gifts of happiness for us to feel useful in our communities.”

At ElderNet, Diane and Michael have found special relationships with other volunteers who have become their close friends. Every experience that they have had with ElderNet has been positive and rewarding. They have helped someone out after having a hospital procedure, taken a client home and stayed to meet the family, and each time they have made meaningful connections. Both Diane and Michael have both come to understand more deeply than ever the gift of connection with those in need, especially as they are experiencing their own challenges of aging and health issues. No matter the circumstances, Diane and Michael will continue to support ElderNet in any way they can. 

If you have any questions regarding volunteering or donating, please visit our website, DM us on Instagram, or contact [email protected]. Thank you!

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