25 years ago, Barb and Woody, both members of the Gladwyne Presbyterian Church, were friends who donated to ElderNet through their congregation. The church made regular donations to ElderNet so many of its members volunteered on their own time, as well. Barb and her husband, Emmerson, used to drive for ElderNet many years ago. With kind hearts, they wanted to give back to the community for when they might one day need the same services. Emmerson passed away 8 years ago and Barb had stopped volunteering. However, during the pandemic, she decided to volunteer once again by delivering food for ElderNet. Barb said she still remembers the first person she ever drove for who she became good friends with. Anna, the friend, has since passed away, but is a constant good memory for Barb. 

Woody was a pastor at the Gladwyne Presbyterian Church. He and Barb were friends at the time, almost 25 years ago. However, when he moved away, they lost touch. Barb and Woody and their spouses connected a lot through the mission of the church-giving back to and serving the community. When Woody became involved again with ElderNet, he and Barb reconnected after almost 20 years of not seeing one another. Woody got involved with ElderNet because he has been a long-time donor to the food pantry. Now that he is retired, he has extra time on his hands and decided to put that to use. As an avid hiker, Woody delivers meals for ElderNet on foot all through Bryn Mawr. Every meal is carefully packed into his backpack and then he is on his way to do some good. Woody loves that every time he stops into ElderNet he can feel the love that the staff and volunteers have for each other in serving the community. 

The story of Barb and Woody is a heart-warming tale of two friends who bonded over their shared love of helping the community and doing more for the greater good. ElderNet is always taking volunteer applications if you would like to participate in our efforts to benefit the community. Check out our website for more information! You can also email Michelle Buller ([email protected]) for any questions and inquiries.

WC: Madeleine Bove

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